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Working Together on Project

Jobs are the   backbone
of America

Since 2015, we’ve worked to create jobs and invest in communities.

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Creating Jobs For The Future That Don't Destroy Us!

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Our Mission

This Organization was created to represent people over profits.  To create a structure that benefits all workers, this is our guiding principle.


We are a nonprofit because 
our wellbeing should not be influenced by money. 
Our Vision

End poverty one job at a time.

Provide work that improves our nation.
Be an influential Employment Agency that will change the nature of work and improve our lives.


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“The war on Poverty could only be won through economic growth and the creation of new jobs.”
-John F Kennedy and Lyndon B Johnson

Everyone should be allowed this valuable resource.

Having a job shouldn’t be "just over broke" but should be "just over brilliant".
-Daniel Ayerzon

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A job changes lives, it gives people confidence, it provides for families and for the community.

We are revolutionizing the work experience by financing employees to take one day a week off, to contribute to organizations that impact their communities.

​Creating a network of company partners that are committed to our vision and supporting AJF.

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A four day work week process that is more productive than a five day one, with our partner's help.

With your donations we are working on systems with technology that will continue the growth and training of employees.

We don't believe in layoffs or firings. We are reallocating them in the network or demoting individuals. As long as you work with us we will work with you!


We are advanced in education and training for all entry-level employees.

We are leaders in open-source employee information and organizational structure.

Training people for the economic jobs of the future by using an apprenticeship model of education, instead of only an on sight classroom model. 

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Used Plastic Bottle on Beach
Environmental Scientist

Climate change is happening and not in a good way.  We need to create jobs that don't destroy us.  That means taking down fossil fuel companies to replace them with green energy and other energy of the future.  

This organization has a plan to do that.  We need to create revenue that takes on those established companies.  We can make them obsolete by providing a new business model that will take hold.  Think Netflix taking down Blockbuster.   

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