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American Jobs


America in Trouble

 In 2019, there were 10 work shutdowns involving at least 20,000 workers.  Later 179 strikes counted by the Labor Action Tracker in 2021 from the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University.  That is 17 times the amount in previous years. 

It is felt, that America is on the decline and we may be in late stage capitalism.  Many see capitalism and the pursuit for profit as the nails in the coffin of our democracy.  At the same time our system has been the greatest tool for the average person.  It has enabled us to create a better life, be involved in government and have laws that benefit us all.   


The real top two problems are coruption and automation which is destroying jobs.  Since inequality is running rapid and corporations are taking over middle America or shuddering stores, something has to be done. 


How do we stop this?

Advocating for a change in laws that hold corporations accountable is a great endeavor but real change will be an entrepreneurial one.  The reason being, entrepreneurs can move fast and influence society in ways that government just doesn't or will not. Most small business become large business that then influence society and government to help them make more money.  A company thinks of structure and impact after they start making money, meaning that their structure is not set up to influence positive effects.  There structure is set for the pursuit of money. 

AJF was structured in a way that no matter how big we get, we are able to hand down power to workers, be decentralized, take care of people and build up communities.  We are structured in a way that not all money and power will go to the top.  It is important to set the structure at the beginning and not as an after thought.

Not only are we structured to take care of our workers which translates into being able to provide better services and products, but we have another revolutionary component. We have a process to take down corrupt organizations and business that are exploiting workers. 

We do this by initiating a process to negotiate a buy out of the company or in some situations we set up a process to compete in the market, so they go out of business. We have techniques that can impact their business immediately and aggressively to take their market share.  We want to develop a reputation that intemidates business into doing the right thing by their employees. The threat of our presence in the market should frighten corrupt executives.  We will gather an immediate response when we are aware of employees inquiring about going on strike or forming a Union. We want to position ourselves as a tool for exploited workers to use to make their situations better.

The Hard Truth


Of the Total Population are in Poverty.

42.5 million Americans live in poverty.


Of all Children in the US are in poverty.

Which is 11.9 million kids that live in Poverty —that’s almost 1 in every 6 children.

14.1 %

Of all Seniors are in Poverty.

 This accounts for expenses such as the rising cost of health care. Which raises the senior poverty rate to 9.2 million.


There is an opportunity to fill a need that is not being met. Corporations start disregarding their high quality workers when becoming corrupt, they then loose their skilled employees. These top quality workers can be aquired to their highest benefit, in a new endeavor

We can save these workers by takeing down the corupt businesses.  We do this by either a hostel take over or setting up compition that out performs the targeted business. 

With our strategy we also can short the stock or invest in the new business that we set up to compete.  By doing this we make money to distribute more widely toward the workers and build out the network further. 

Employers spend millions on union avoidance consultants

Union avoidance consultants reported receiving funds from selected employers for work performed in 2014–2018 (Shown 3 of 17)

Employer                                             Amount reported                 Years

Laboratory Corporation of America    $4,300,000                  2014–2018

Mission Foods                                           $2,900,000                  2016–2017

Albert Einstein Medical Center            $1,100,000                     2014–2017

Lafer and Loustaunau’s analysis of LM-20 and LM-21 forms filed by consultants with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS)Economic Policy Institute, 2014-2018, , 2014–2018

Annual Report

In the United States alone, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, (880,000 to 1.5 million people were laid off annually from 2000 to 2008 and from 2010 to 2013.)


(About 38.1 million people, or 11.8 percent of the nation’s population, lived below the official poverty level in 2018), according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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