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Sign up to to learn about the AJF system. You can implement a simplfied form into your organization. If you want your business to officially become part of the AJF family you can reach out and we would love to speak with you about integration. Don't worry about strikes or unions because AJF is better than a union. We take care of people's needs so you don't have to. 

We form a network for entrepreneurs and creators that want a better support system, that builds up workers and communities. Business owners need to concentrate on what their organizations do best. Let AJF's system take care of employees for you. That way you can get back to providing your best products or services to your customers.


How would you like us to take care of the Human Resource functions and make your employees as happy as can be?

*Training  *Benefits *Pay *Time off *Scheduling  *Employee Conflict Resolution *Performance Indicators * Sales Teams *Process Improvement *Employee Development *Management- compensation, hiring, the culture.



Pay & Benefits

The system involves open source information. By trusting people with all the information we believe they will make the right choices with it. 

i.e.  Pay - Value - Impact  

Also we train your work force to be the best! All at a low cost that no one can beat. 
We believe there is a better way to manage people.  We want better contracts and incentives to pay by performace.

Workers can have atonomy that still benifits the company.  
If you take care of them, they will take care of you. 
Employees work at their highest potential if they feel like the employer is taking care of them and their well-being. AJF has a system to do that.
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