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The best way for you to help workers and heal America...



Here’s How You Can Help, You Activists!

If you are an activist and you want a better way please donate to AJF and organizations that work tto make things better. 


Some of those organizations are Unions and Strike funds.

You can also follow us.  Go

You can also volunteer.  Go

You can also join an event.  Go

Contact us for more information call us:


Upcoming Events

2023  Update


All Events are suspended right now as we are working on a huge project to get major momentum for this organization.  For the past year nothing has happened with AJF due to lack of funding.  We are working to resolve this with a huge marketing push coming soon. 

Please contact us if you are someone that has the desire and skills to assist us on our journey to change the nature of work in America, for the better. 

Thank you for your patients. 

Email to schedule a phone call about volunteering.

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