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Here’s How You Can Help, You Activists!

If you are an activist and you want a better way please donate to AJF and organizations that work tto make things better. 


Some of those organizations are Unions and Strike funds.



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You can also join an event.  Go

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Upcoming Events

Prior to the event watch the explainer video.  

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On Twitter Spaces.  1/22/22 5pm Eastern. Follow @USAJobsFactory

Jan. 29th 2022 5pm Eastern

DAO Discussion

We want to incorporate DAO's into our structure but how we do that is a in-depth discussion.  So,  join the first one. 

2.12.2021, 02:00 PM Eastern

How to get involved in your local community or national stage.   Join us on YouTube Live.

2.12.2021, 02:00 PM Eastern

Email to schedule a phone call about volunteering before the deadline.

1.15.22, 02:00 PM Eastern