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High Level Consulting

Satori Business Management President


Daniel Ayerzon is known as the business whisper. He has a special ability to find the leaks in a business and resolve them. He listens to the business, knows how to train it and how to make it behave.  He increases the bottom line.  He has been involved with many businesses throughout his life and an entrepreneur through all of it.  He has been dedicated to making all of them successful. From Citibank to Intuit he has been a valued member of every team. Now his path is dedicated to making clients and friends successful on a personal and professional level. 

He has gone out of his way to be mentored by some of the top business professionals. Everyone from Chris Voss, Tony Robbins to Simon Sinek and Patrick Bet-David.  He Also has an associates and bachelors degree from UNLV and the University of Kentucky.  Leverageing a network of business colleagues and professionals he solves the problems that plague business today. He has a special ability to form micro teams, depending on the business needs. These teams have an oustanding performance for the companies he works with.  His team is able to execute a level of innovation that is able to solve almost any problem and catapult revenue.

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